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Release History

See also: XFree86#Release history
Version Release date Most important changes
X1 June 1984 First use of the name "X"; fundamental changes distinguishing the product from W.
X6 January 1985 First version licensed to a handful of outside companies.
X9 September 1985 Color. First release under MIT License.
X10 late 1985 IBM RT/PC, AT (running DOS), and others
X10R2 January 1986
X10R3 February 1986 First freely redistributable X release. Earlier releases required a BSD source license to cover code changes to init/getty to support login. uwm made standard window manager.
X10R4 December 1986 Last version of X10.
X11 15 September 1987 First release of the current protocol.
X11R2 February 1988 First X Consortium release.
X11R3 25 October 1988 XDM
X11R4 22 December 1989 XDMCP, twm brought in as standard window manager, application improvements, Shape extension, new fonts.
X11R5 5 September 1991 PEX, Xcms (color management), font server, X386, X video extension
X11R6 16 May 1994 ICCCM v2.0; Inter-Client Exchange; X Session Management; X Synchronization extension; X Image extension; XTEST extension; X Input; X Big Requests; XC-MISC; XFree86 changes.
X11R6.1 14 March 1996 X Double Buffer extension; X keyboard extension; X Record extension.
X11R6.3 (Broadway)
23 December 1996 Web functionality, LBX. Last X Consortium release. X11R6.2 is the tag for a subset of X11R6.3 with the only new features over R6.1 being XPrint and the Xlib implementation of vertical writing and user-defined character support.
X11R6.4 31 March 1998 Xinerama.
X11R6.5 Internal X.org release; not made publicly available.
X11R6.5.1 20 August 2000
X11R6.6 4 April 2001 Bug fixes, XFree86 changes.
X11R6.7.0 6 April 2004 First X.Org Foundation release, incorporating XFree86 4.4rc2. Full end-user distribution. Removal of XIE, PEX and libxml2.
X11R6.8.0 8 September 2004 Window translucency, XDamage, Distributed Multihead X, XFixes, Composite.XEvIE
X11R6.8.1 17 September 2004 Security fix in libxpm.
X11R6.8.2 10 February 2005 Bug fixes, driver updates.
21 December 2005 EXA, major source code refactoring. From the same source-code base, the modular autotooled version became 7.0 and the monolithic imake version was frozen at 6.9.
X11R7.1 22 May 2006 EXA enhancements, KDrive integrated, AIGLX, OS and platform support enhancements.
X11R7.2 15 February 2007 Removal of LBX and the built-in keyboard driver, X-ACE, XCB, autoconfig improvements, cleanups.
X11R7.3 6 September 2007 XServer 1.4, Input hotplug, output hotplug (RandR 1.2), DTrace probes, PCI domain support.
X11R7.4 23 September 2008 XServer 1.5.1, XACE, PCI-rework, EXA speed-ups, _X_EXPORT, GLX 1.4, faster startup and shutdown.
X11R7.5 26 October 2009 XServer 1.7, Xi 2, XGE, E-EDID support, RandR 1.3, MPX, predictable pointer acceleration, DRI2 memory manager, SELinux security module, further removal of obsolete libraries and extensions.
X11R7.6 20 December 2010 X Server 1.9, XCB requirement.
X11R7.7 6 June 2012 Xorg server 1.10 changes, Xorg server 1.11 changes, Xorg server 1.12 changes; Sync extension 3.1: adds Fence object support; Xi 2.2 multitouch support; XFixes 5.0: Pointer Barriers.

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