WWE Championship - Custom Belt Designs

Custom Belt Designs

Special custom belts have been created to match the gimmicks of some champions:

  • "Superstar" Billy Graham (red leather strap)
  • The Ultimate Warrior (white, blue, purple and yellow leather straps)
  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (Smoking Skull belt)
  • John Cena (Spinner belt with free-motion "spinner" WWE logo in the center)
  • Edge (Modified "Rated-R Superstar" spinner belt)
  • The Miz (Spinner belt with the WWE logo turned upside down to resemble an "M", which stood for Miz.)

A much larger version of the belt was created for André the Giant before WrestleMania III, although he never wore it as champion. A custom championship belt was designed and constructed for The Rock which featured his trademark brahma bull logo in the center as an answer to Austin's Smoking Skull Belt, but due to creative reasons it never appeared on television. Similarly, Edge had originally designed an entirely different custom belt than the "Rated R Spinner" design he used for his second reign, however the plans were scrapped due to time constraints.

The "Spinner" belt's design, which features a gold and diamond bling-bling style reflecting Cena's hip hop gimmick, has become the WWE Championship's primary design since April 11, 2005, although since No Mercy 2007, the centerpiece no longer spins. The physical belt itself originally indicated the brand it was designated to. When it was first introduced, it featured a unique side plate design that read "SmackDown", though it was then replaced with one that read "Mon-Nite Raw" when John Cena was drafted to the Raw brand. When the title once again became SmackDown's primary championship after Triple H was drafted to the brand in 2008, the "Raw" plate was replaced with a second "WWE Champion" side plate. Furthermore, the belt also features a silver tip on the end of the leather strap.

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