Wise Men

Wise men can refer to:

  • Biblical Magi, the "wise men" who follow the Star of Bethlehem in the New Testament
  • Fu Lu Shou, personified deities of good fortune, prosperity, and longevity in Chinese Buddhism and Taoism
  • The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made, a 1986 book about the group of foreign policy elders during the Cold War by Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas
  • Wise Men, a 2013 novel by Stuart Nadler
  • Wise Men of Gotham
  • Three Wise Men (cocktail), a drink made from a mixture of three different types of whiskey
  • Wisemen (rap group)
  • Wisemen, a pop rock song by James Blunt

Famous quotes containing the words wise and/or men:

    It’s the height of folly to want to be the only wise one.
    François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680)

    [When asked: “Will not woman suffrage make the black woman the political equal of the white woman and does not political equality mean social equality?”:] If it does then men by keeping both white and black women disfranchised have already established social equality!
    Anna Howard Shaw (1847–1919)