William Thomson

William Thomson may refer to:

  • Williamäääääää(military officer), American militia captain
  • William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin (1824–1907), UK physicist now usually known as Lord Kelvin
  • William Thomson (bishop) (1819–1890), Archbishop of York, 1862–1890
  • William Thomson (musicologist) (fl. 1695–1753), Scottish folk song collector and singer
  • William Alexander Thomson (1816–1878), Canadian author and politician
  • Sir William Thomson (Solicitor General), Solicitor General for England and Wales, 1717–1720
  • William Ennis Thomson (born 1927), music school dean, music theorist, music educator and composer
  • William McKenzie Thomson (1898–1987), Canadian World War I pilot
  • W. H. Seward Thomson (1856–1932), U.S. federal judge
  • William Mitchell-Thomson, 1st Baron Selsdon (1877–1938), British politician
  • William Thomson (politician) (1818–1866), Member of Parliament in Christchurch, New Zealand

Famous quotes containing the word thomson:

    If fancy then
    Unequal fails beneath the pleasing task,
    Ah, what shall language do?
    —James Thomson (1700–1748)