William Harmon - Works



  • Mutatis Mutandis: 27 Invoices (1985)
  • One Long Poem (1982)
  • The Intussusception of Miss Mary America (1976)
  • Legion: Civic Choruses (1973)
  • Treasury Holiday : Thirty-Four Fits for the Opening of the Fiscal Year (1970)

Edited Reference Works

  • A Handbook to Literature (5th - 12th Editions) (1984 - 2011)
  • Classic Writings on Poetry (2005)
  • The Classic Hundred: All-Time Favorite Poems (2nd Edition) (1998)
  • The Top 500 Poems (1992)
  • The Oxford book of American light verse (1979)

Literary Criticism

  • Time in Ezra Pound's Work (1977)

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