Wilderness Acquired Diarrhea

Wilderness acquired diarrhea (WAD), wilderness-acquired diarrhea, wilderness diarrhea, or backcountry diarrhea, is diarrhea that is caused by pathogens that have infected people when they were in the wilderness. It is a much-discussed hazard among backpackers, hikers, campers and other outdoor recreationalists who visit remote areas of the developed world. Risk factors include insufficient washing of hands and food utensils and, to a lesser extent, drinking untreated surface water. Cases of WAD tend to be self-limited and the specific cause (microbe) is most often never known. Based on both systematic and less formal reviews of epidemiologic data and literature, various medical and public health researchers who have studied the topic believe that the risks of WAD have been over-stated and are poorly understood by the public.

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