Who is dudley nichols?

Dudley Nichols

Dudley Nichols (April 6, 1895 – January 4, 1960) was an American screenwriter who first came to prominence after winning and refusing the screenwriting Oscar for The Informer in 1936.

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    No sense bein’ in a hurry about cuttin’ a body’s finger off. Here have another.... Need another jug before cuttin’.
    Dudley Nichols (1895–1960)

    Politics makes strange bed-fellows.
    —Charles Dudley Warner (1829–1900)

    We’re the victims of a disease called social prejudice, my child. These dear ladies of the law and order league are scouring out the dregs of the town. C’mon be a glorified wreck like me.
    —Dudley Nichols (1895–1960)