Who is bernardo bertolucci?

Bernardo Bertolucci

Bernardo Bertolucci (; born 16 March 1940) is an Italian film director and screenwriter, whose films include The Conformist, Last Tango in Paris, 1900, The Last Emperor, The Sheltering Sky and The Dreamers. In recognition of his work, he was presented with the inaugural Honorary Palme d'Or Award at the opening ceremony of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

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    Paul: Did you have fun as a kid?
    Jeanne: It’s the most beautiful thing.
    Paul: Is it beautiful to be made into a tattletale, or forced to admire authority, or sell yourself for a piece of candy?
    Bernardo Bertolucci (b. 1940)

    No, no! I don’t, I don’t want to know your name. You don’t have a name, and I don’t have a name, either. No names here. Not one name.
    —Bernardo Bertolucci (b. 1940)