Who is alice foote macdougall?

Famous quotes containing the words alice foote macdougall, foote macdougall, foote and/or macdougall:

    The small perplexities of small minds eddy and boil about you. Confident from the experience that has led you out of these same dangers, you attack each problem as it appears, unafraid.
    Alice Foote MacDougall (1867–1945)

    ... the big courageous acts of life are those one never hears of and only suspects from having been through like experience. It takes real courage to do battle in the unspectacular task. We always listen for the applause of our co-workers. He is courageous who plods on, unlettered and unknown.... In the last analysis it is this courage, developing between man and his limitations, that brings success.
    —Alice Foote MacDougall (1867–1945)

    ... overconfidence in one’s own ability is the root of much evil. Vanity, egoism, is the deadliest of all characteristics. This vanity, combined with extreme ignorance of conditions the knowledge of which is the very A B C of business and of life, produces more shipwrecks and heartaches than any other part of our mental make-up.
    —Alice Foote MacDougall (1867–1945)

    Monte Beragon: When I’m close to you like this, there’s a sound in the air like the beating of wings. Do you know what that is?
    Mildred Pierce: No, what?
    Monte Beragon: My heart, beating like a schoolboy’s.
    Mildred Pierce: Is it? I thought it was mine.
    —Ranald MacDougall (1915–1973)