What is lay?

  • (adj): Not of or from a profession.
    Example: "A lay opinion as to the cause of the disease"
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Lay It Down (Ratt Song)
... "Lay It Down" is a single by American heavy metal band Ratt ... "Lay It Down" was the first single released to promote their second album, Invasion of Your Privacy ...
Charles Downing Lay - Early Life and Family Estate
... The son of Oliver Ingraham Lay, a professional painter, and Hester Marian Wait Lay, Charles Downing Lay was born in Newburgh, New York ... At age 7, Lay began spending summers with his grandmother in Stratford, Connecticut ... Lay spent much of his childhood in Stratford fishing, sailing, and swimming and developed a great appreciation for nature ...
Lay - Other Uses
... Lay's, a potato-chip brand name and company Lay confession, a religious confession made to a member of the laity Lay time or lay days, time allowed in a charter for the loading ...
Psychological Evaluation - Further Reading
... Lay summary (28 July 2010) Goldstein, Gerald Beers, Susan, eds ... Lay summary (23 November 2010) Gregory, Robert J ... Lay summary (7 November 2010) Groth-Marnat, Gary (2009) ...
Surface Finish - Lay
... Lay is a measure of the direction of the predominant machining pattern ... A lay pattern is a repetitive impression created on the surface of a part ... The lay may be specified when it has an effect on the function of the part ...

More definitions of "lay":

  • (verb): Impose as a duty, burden, or punishment.
    Example: "Lay a responsibility on someone"
  • (verb): Put in a horizontal position.
    Example: "Lay the books on the table"; "lay the patient carefully onto the bed"
    Synonyms: put down, repose
  • (adj): Concerning those not members of the clergy.
    Example: "The lay ministry"
    Synonyms: laic, secular
  • (noun): A narrative poem of popular origin.
    Synonyms: ballad
  • (verb): Prepare or position for action or operation.
    Example: "Lay a fire"; "lay the foundation for a new health care plan"
  • (noun): A narrative song with a recurrent refrain.
    Synonyms: ballad
  • (verb): Lay eggs.
    Example: "This hen doesn't lay"

Famous quotes containing the word lay:

    Happy are those who find wisdom, and those who get understanding, for her income is better than silver, and her revenue better than gold. She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who lay hold of her; those who hold her fast are called happy.
    Bible: Hebrew, Proverbs 3:13-18.

    The whole world of thought lay unexplored before me,—a world of which I had already caught large and tempting glimpses, and I did not like to feel the horizon shutting me in, even to so pleasant a corner as this.
    Lucy Larcom (1824–1893)

    He said, I’m just out of hospital,
    but I’m still flying.
    I answered, of course,
    angry, prescient, knowing.
    what fire lay behind his wide stare,
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)