What is doubly?

  • (adv): To double the degree.
    Example: "She was doubly rewarded"
    Synonyms: double, twice
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Noncentrality Parameter
... versions of these distributions which have two noncentrality parameters the doubly noncentral beta distribution, the doubly noncentral F distribution and the doubly noncentral t distribution ... while if both are noncentral, the result is a doubly noncentral distribution ... it to allow a noncentral chi-squared distribution in the denominator while produces a doubly noncentral t-distribution ...
Doubly Fed Electric Machine - Brushless Doubly Fed Versions - Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Electric Machine
... Brushless doubly fed induction electric machine is constructed by adjacently placing two multiphase winding sets with unlike pole-pairs on the stator body ... As a doubly fed electric machine, the rating of the frequency converter need only be fraction of the machine rating ... The brushless doubly fed electric machine does not utilize core real-estate efficiently and the dual winding set stator assembly is physically larger than other electric machines of ...
Brushless Doubly Fed Versions - Brushless Wound-rotor Doubly Fed Electric Machine
... The brushless wound-rotor doubly fed electric machine incorporates the electromagnetic structure of the wound-rotor doubly fed electric machine, but replaces ... Since it does not rely on slip for operation, it differs from brushless doubly fed induction electric machines, which rely on very different principles of unlike pole-pair induction for operation ... winding set, the torque of the wound-rotor doubly fed electric machine is dependent on both slip and position, which is a classic condition for instability, and cannot produce torque at ...
Examples of Spectral Sequences - The Spectral Sequence of A Filtered Complex
... This spectral sequence is doubly graded by the filtration degree p and the complementary degree q = n − p ... only a single grading and a filtration, so we first construct a doubly graded object from C• ... at the E1 step Since we assumed that the boundary map was compatible with the filtration, E0 is a doubly graded object and there is a natural doubly graded ...
Doubly Fed Electric Machine - Classification
... winding set that actively participates in the energy conversion process or Doubly Fed with two active winding sets ... and the field-excited synchronous electric machines as doubly-fed however, the port of only one winding set is actively excited while the port of the other winding set passes dissipative ... of control technology, there are now three varieties of doubly fed electric machine systems 1) the Doubly Fed Induction Machine (DFIM), which is the conventional wound-rotor doubly fed ...

More definitions of "doubly":

  • (adv): In a twofold manner.
    Example: "He was doubly wrong"
    Synonyms: in two ways

Famous quotes containing the word doubly:

    A man calumniated is doubly injured—first by him who utters the calumny, and then by him who believes it.
    Herodotus (c. 484–425 B.C.)

    For the most part, we are not where we are, but in a false position. Through an infirmity of our natures, we suppose a case, and put ourselves into it, and hence are in two cases at the same time, and it is doubly difficult to get out.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)