What is ambalavasi?


Ambalavasi is a generic name for a collection of castes among Hindus in Kerala who render temple services.

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Perumthachan (film) - Synopsis
... The screenplay begins at dusk with an old ambalavasi trying to light a stone lamp ... But he tells the ambalavasi that he is no Namboodiri, but an Asari(carpenter) who had forgotten to remove his thread which he had worn during the construction of a temple ... Immediately the ambalavasi recognises that this was no ordinary carpenter but the legendary Perumthachan himself ...
Malayalee - Communities - Hindu - Ambalavasi
... Ambalavasi is the name of a Kerala group of communities (conclussion of various sub casts of Nairs and Brahmins) composed of a number of Hindu castes such as Pushpakas (Unn ...
Nambiar (Ambalavasi/Mizhavu)
... things refers to the Hindu community in the state of Kerala, India, belonging to the Ambalavasi community ... Members of this Ambalavasi community undergo Upanayanam (sacred thread ceremony) ... There is another group of Ambalavasi Nambiars called Thiyyadi Nambiars ...