Westinghouse may refer to:

In current companies:

  • Westinghouse Licensing, the brand management division of CBS Corporation, and its licensees:
    • Westinghouse Electric Company, providing nuclear power related services.
    • Westinghouse Digital LLC, selling LED and LCD televisions
    • Russell Hobbs Inc, licensed to make small appliances such as vacuum cleaners under the Westinghouse name, from 2002 to 2008
    • Westinghouse Lighting Corporation, formerly Angelo Brothers Company, selling lamps, lamp fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Westinghouse Rail Systems Ltd, formerly Westinghouse Signals Ltd, part of Invensys

In prior companies and divisions:

  • Westinghouse Electric (1886), renamed CBS Corporation in 1997
    • Westinghouse Broadcasting (Group W), now integrated into CBS Broadcasting, Inc.
    • White-Westinghouse, acquired by Electrolux in 1986
    • Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group, sold to Northrop Grumman in 1996
    • British Westinghouse, later subsumed into the General Electric Company
    • Cathode Ray Tube Division, closed in mid-'70s; site later used by Toshiba to manufacture television CRTs until 2004
    • Electronic Tube Division, and ...
    • Industrial and Government Tube Division, spun off as Imaging and Sensing Technologies Corporation in 1988
  • Westinghouse Air Brake Company, founding name of WABCO
  • Westinghouse Brake and Signal Company Ltd (1928–c.2000)
  • Westinghouse Signals, earlier name of Westinghouse Rail Systems
  • Westinghouse Brakes (UK), now part of Knorr-Bremse
  • Westinghouse Combustion Turbine Systems Division, a facility near the Philadelphia Airport later home to an industrial park, “Westinghouse Park”
  • Westinghouse Aviation Gas Turbine Division, maker of the J-series of turbojet engines
  • Westinghouse Astronuclear Laboratory, late 1950s; Large, Pennsylvania; nuclear space propulsion technologies
  • Westinghouse Advanced Energy Systems Division, a renamed 1977 successor to Westinghouse Astronuclear Lab

In places:

  • George Westinghouse Bridge, East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • George Westinghouse, Jr., Birthplace and Boyhood Home, Central Bridge, New York, USA
  • Westinghouse Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Westinghouse Air Brake Company General Office Building, Wilmerding, Pennsylvania, USA
  • George Westinghouse Jones House, Niskayuna, New York, USA, home of a cousin and associate of George Westinghouse

In competitions

  • Westinghouse Science Talent Search, now called Intel Science Talent Search, an American science competition for high school students

In science:

  • Westinghouse effect, a variant of the social-scientific observer's paradox
People with the surname Westinghouse
  • George Westinghouse, founder of Westinghouse Electric Corporation

In products:

  • The Westinghouse J34, J30, J40, J46 and other Westinghouse Aviation Gas Turbine Division turbojets
  • The Milwaukee Road class EP-3 "Quill" electric locomotives built in 1919 by Baldwin and Westinghouse, and other Westinghouse locomotives
  • Westinghouse Electric Company's AP1000, the first Generation III+ reactor to receive final design approval from the U.S.
  • Westinghouse Farm Engine, a small, vertical boilered farm engine made by George Westinghouse from 1886 to 1917
  • NZR RM class Westinghouse railcar, an experimental and inaugural railcar built in New Zealand in 1914

In media:

  • Westinghouse Studio One, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse and Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, American television series
  • Twelve Angry Men (Westinghouse Studio One)
  • List of Westinghouse Studio One episodes
  • The Westinghouse Sign, a large, animated, electric sign located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Westinghouse Works, 1904, a collection of short films of various Westinghouse manufacturing plants