Westbrook is the name of several places:

  • Westbrook, Queensland, a town south-west of Toowoomba.
  • Westbrook, Ontario, a town west of Kingston
  • Westbrook Station, a future LRT station in Calgary, Alberta
New Zealand
  • Westbrook, New Zealand, a suburb of Palmerston North
United Kingdom
  • Westbrook, Berkshire
  • Westbrook, Isle of Wight
  • Westbrook, Kent, part of Margate
  • Westbrook, Herefordshire
  • Westbrook, Surrey
  • Westbrook, Warrington, a council ward in Warrington, Cheshire
  • Westbrook, Wiltshire, a settlement in the civil parish of Bromham, Wiltshire
United States of America
  • Westbrook, Connecticut, a town in Middlesex County
  • Westbrook, Maine, a town in Cumberland County
  • Westbrook, Minnesota, a town in Cottonwood County
  • Westbrook, Texas, a city in Mitchell County
  • Brian Westbrook, an American football player
  • Byron Westbrook, an American football player
  • Danniella Westbrook, an actress and television hostess
  • Jake Westbrook, baseball player
  • Jeff Westbrook, a TV writer and algorithms researcher
  • Kate Westbrook, a British singer/songwriter
  • Lawrence Westbrook, an American college basketball player
  • Michael Westbrook, a former American football player
  • Mike Westbrook, a British composer and bandleader
  • Richard Westbrook, British racing driver
  • Russell Westbrook, American basketball player
  • Col. Thomas Westbrook, Colonial New England militia leader and namesake for Westbrook, Maine
Secondary Schools
  • Westbrook Intermediate School, a middle school in Houston, Texas.