West Berlin - Naming Conventions

Naming Conventions

Most Westerners called the Western sectors "Berlin", unless further distinction was necessary. The West German Federal government officially called West Berlin "Berlin (West)", whereas the East German government commonly referred to it as "Westberlin"; it began to use "Berlin (West)" only in the late 1980s. Starting from 31 May 1961, East Berlin was officially called Berlin, Capital of the GDR (German: Berlin, Hauptstadt der DDR), replacing the formerly used term Democratic Berlin), or simply "Berlin," by East Germany, and "Berlin (Ost)" by the West German Federal government. Other names used by West German media included "Ost Berlin", "Ostberlin", or "Ostsektor". These different naming conventions for the divided parts of Berlin when followed by individuals, governments, or media commonly indicated their political leanings.

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