Weiser is the name of two towns and a river in the United States:

  • Weiser, Idaho
  • Weiser Township, North Dakota
  • Weiser River

Several individuals have the surname Weiser:

  • Conrad Weiser, German pioneer
  • Grethe Weiser, German actress
  • Johann Conrad Weiser, Sr., German Palatine
  • Mark Weiser, chief scientist of Xerox PARC
  • Malbim (Meïr Löb ben Jehiel Michel Weiser), Russian rabbi
  • Peter M. Weiser, member of the Corps of Discovery

There is also a film by that name:

  • Weiser (film) (2001)

There is a book publisher by that name:

  • Red Wheel Weiser Conari, a publisher previously known as Weiser or Samuel Weiser, Inc from 1956 to 2000

There is a door lock manufacturer by that name:

  • Weiser Lock, begun in 1904