Weems may refer to:


  • Capell Lane Weems (1860-1913), Republican Congressman from Ohio
  • Carrie Mae Weems (born 1953), American photographer
  • Debbie Weems (1951-1978), American actress
  • Donald Weems, birth name of Kuwasi Balagoon (1946-1986), American Black Panther, member of the Black Liberation Army, and New Afrikan anarchist
  • Eric Weems (born 1985), American National Football League player
  • John Crompton Weems (1778-1862), American politician
  • Katherine Lane Weems (1899-1989), American sculptor
  • Mason Locke Weems, generally known as Parson Weems (1759-1825), American book agent and author
  • P. V. H. Weems (1889-?), inventor of air navigation and related instruments
  • Priscilla Weems (born 1972), American actress
  • Sonny Weems (born 1986), American National Basketball Association player
  • Ted Weems (1901-1963), American bandleader and musician


  • Mount Weems, Antarctica, named for P. V. H. Weems
  • Weems, Ohio, an unincorporated community
  • Weems, Virginia, an unincorporated community

Fictional characters:

  • Duquan "Dukie" Weems, in the television drama The Wire
  • Corporal Wallace A. Weems, codenamed Rip Cord (G.I. Joe)
  • Stephen Weems, also known as Modular Man, a Marvel Comics villain
  • "Ace" Weems, in the television comedy Get Smart episode The Mess of Adrian Listenger

Other uses:

  • a dugout, called a Weems in ancient Scotland
  • Weems House, a historic residence in Mobile, Alabama