Warner - Record Labels

Record Labels

  • Warner Alliance
  • Warner Bros. Records
  • Warner Curb Records
  • Warner Music Australasia
  • Warner Music Canada
  • Warner-Spector Records

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Famous quotes containing the words record and/or labels:

    Trial. A formal inquiry designed to prove and put upon record the blameless characters of judges, advocates and jurors.
    Ambrose Bierce (1842–1914)

    In the range of things toddlers have to learn and endlessly review—why you can’t put bottles with certain labels in your mouth, why you have to sit on the potty, why you can’t take whatever you want in the store, why you don’t hit your friends—by the time we got to why you can’t drop your peas, well, I was dropping a few myself.
    Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)