Walt Disney Classics

Walt Disney Classics was a brand name used by Walt Disney Home Video on their American, Japanese, European, and Australian home video releases of Disney animated features. The last title in the Classics line from 1984-1994 was The Fox and the Hound. With the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, all the existing titles in the Classics line were replaced with the Masterpiece Collection line and the Classics line was cancelled in the United States and Canada. Cassette copies of the original Classics series became much sought-after, and are very popular with collectors, since most retailers had the first home video release for Disney animated features in their stores up to the time when the label was discontinued. Animated features and other films containing animation (such as Mary Poppins and Pete's Dragon) continued to be released under the "Walt Disney Classics" label and its foreign language equivalents until around 2007 throughout Europe, and "Walt Disney Meisterwerke", the German equivalent series, is still in operation as of 2010 through its broader "Special Collection" range.

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