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Other Media

  • Waiting (novel), a novel by Ha Jin
  • "The Waiting" (short story), a story by Jorge Luis Borges, included in his collection Labyrinths
  • "Waiting", an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants

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    Never before has a generation of parents faced such awesome competition with the mass media for their children’s attention. While parents tout the virtues of premarital virginity, drug-free living, nonviolent resolution of social conflict, or character over physical appearance, their values are daily challenged by television soaps, rock music lyrics, tabloid headlines, and movie scenes extolling the importance of physical appearance and conformity.
    Marianne E. Neifert (20th century)

    The media no longer ask those who know something ... to share that knowledge with the public. Instead they ask those who know nothing to represent the ignorance of the public and, in so doing, to legitimate it.
    Serge Daney (1944–1992)