Wadela واديلا also spell as Wadhela is the name of a Baloch tribe in Balochistan, Makran.

They are simply an offshoot of the greater Mengal tribe who had to migrate westwards during the reign of Abdullah Khan of Kalat in the early 18th century. Migrating from Wadh brought them the name Wadela, as it is found with any other tribe in Balochistan that a tribe keeps changing its name as it moves on to find a new settlement. Wadela tribe tribes was one of the important tribes in resisting the English army from capturing Makuran. This war was fought in the nineteenth century in the Gokprosh mountains. The Baloch fiercely defended their motherland. This defeat led the English army to retreat. The head of the Wadeyla tribe Meer Mubarik Wadela was given the name of Meer A Ne Salaar.

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