Vue or VUE may refer to:


  • Visual User Environment, Hewlett-Packard's graphical interface for the X Window System
  • VUE (Visual Understanding Environment), a concept mapping tool
  • E-on Vue, 3D landscape generation software from e-on software

Other uses:

  • Vue (band), a rock and roll band from San Francisco, California
  • Vue Cinemas, a cinema company in the United Kingdom
  • Vue, Loire-Atlantique, a commune in France
  • Pearson VUE, an electronic testing company
  • Saturn Vue, a sport utility vehicle
  • Vue Weekly, an alternative newspaper in Edmonton, Canada
  • KVUE, an ABC TV affiliate in Austin, Texas
  • WVUE, a Fox TV affiliate in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Vue, a clan name of the Hmong people
  • Vue Pack, single-serve coffee system by Keurig
  • The Vue, a skyscraper in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Villitis of unknown etiology