VT or Vt may refer to:

  • Vermont, postal abbreviation VT
    • Vt., older postal abbreviation for Vermont
  • Virginia Tech, common name of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
  • VT F.C. (Vospers Thronycroft FC), a UK football club
  • vt, abbreviation for transitive verb in some dictionaries
  • Vt, the currency sign for the Vanuatu vatu
  • Vendange tardive, a French designation for late harvest wines
  • Vetus Testamentum, religious journal
  • Videotape
  • Virtual training
  • Visiting teaching, a program for members of the LDS Church

In transportation:

  • VT, the IATA airline designator for Air Tahiti
  • Holden VT Commodore, an automobile
  • Valley Transit, the public transit service of Wisconsin's Fox Cities
  • Versement transport, a French local corporation tax hypothecated to subsidise public transport
  • Victoria Terminus, former name of a railway station of the Mumbai suburban railway
  • Virgin Trains, a UK train-operating company
  • Virginia and Truckee Railroad, a short line railroad in Nevada

In computing and internet:

  • Ventrilo, a voice-chatting program for gamers
  • Vertical tab, ASCII character 11; in octal it is 013; in hexadecimal it is 0B
  • Vertical Tank, a vehicle in Capcom's Steel Battalion
  • Video terminal, a computer terminal with a video display
  • Video Toaster, a video editing program produced by NewTek
  • Virtual terminal
  • Virtualtourist, a tourism related website
  • Intel VT, Intel Virtualization Technology
    • Intel VT-x, Intel Virtualization Technology for x86
    • Intel VT-i, Intel Virtualization Technology for Itanium
    • Intel VT-d, Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O
    • Intel VT-c, Intel Virtualization Technology for Connectivity

In business:

  • VolgaTelecom
  • VT Group, a British defence company

In science and medicine:

  • Ventricular tachycardia, an abnormal heart rhythm
  • VT, mathematical symbol representing the threshold voltage of a MOSFET
  • Vt, mathematical symbol representing the thermal voltage of a semiconductor p-n junction
  • VT (variable timing) fuze, a type of proximity fuze
  • ντ, the symbol for a tau neutrino