Voronin (Russian: Воронин), or Voronina (feminine; Воронина), is a Slavic lastname, which may refer to:

  • Anatoly Voronin (1951–2006), business chief of Itar-TASS
  • Andriy Voronin, a Ukrainian footballer
  • Andrei Voronin (1900–1979), a Soviet army officer and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Inga Voronina, a Soviet speed skater (maiden name: Inga Artamonova)
  • Irina Voronina, a Russian model
  • Ivan Voronin (1916–1997), a Soviet aircraft pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Lev Voronin (1928–2006), a Soviet politician and post-Soviet banker
  • Lev Voronin (handballer), a Russian team handball player
  • Lola Voronina (b. 1983), Russian politician (PPRU) and co-chairperson of Pirate Parties International (PPI)
  • Mikhail Voronin, Soviet gymnast who won two Olympic gold medals in 1968
  • Mikhail Voronin (fashion designer), a Ukrainian fashion designer and businessman
  • Mikhail Stepanovich Voronin (1838–1903), a Russian botanist
  • Oleg Voronin, son of Vladimir Voronin
  • Pavel Voronin (1918–2003), a Soviet army officer and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Sergei Mikhailovitch Voronin (1946–1997), Russian mathematician
  • Serhiy Voronin, a Ukrainian footballer
  • Valery Voronin, Soviet footballer, ranked Best Player of the USSR in 1964 & 1965
  • Vladimir Voronin, former president of the Republic of Moldova (2001-2009)
  • Vladimir Voronin (captain), Soviet Navy captain and polar explorer
  • Vyacheslav Voronin, a Russian athlete
  • Zinaida Voronina, a Soviet gymnast
  • Voronina Island, a group of two islands in the Kara Sea.
  • Michael Voronin Concern, a Ukrainian company producing high quality men's garments.