Vincente Sanchez

Vicente Sanchez is a Filipino martial artist and long-time student of Remy Presas.

Sanchez and Presas met through Roland Dantes on the film set of "Pacific Connection" (alternate title: "The Stickfighter"). The two became fast friends, as they were both very impressed with each other's martial skills. Presas was so impressed of Sanchez' skill that he insisted upon including Sanchez' Cinco Teros in the pages of "The Practical Art of Eskrima".

Sanchez is one of a handful of Modern Arnis practitioners worldwide to be promoted to Lakan Walo (8th degree black belt). He is also a member of the Modern Arnis Senior Masters Council, a founding member of the World Kali-Eskrima-Arnis Grandmasters Council (headquartered in Manila) as well as founder of Kali-Arnis International.

During his 45-year tenure in the Filipino martial arts, Sanchez has mastered four major arnis systems:

  • Cinco Teros - under Antonio Javier
  • Kasilagan - under Johnny Panuringan
  • Modern Arnis - under Remy A. Presas
  • Tersia serada, cadenilla Y espada Y daga - under Benjamin Luna Lema (Lightning Scientific Arnis Intl - LSAI)

Sanchez remains deeply loyal to his late friend and teacher, and continues to promote Modern Arnis making it the first step in his training progression. After a student masters Modern Arnis, he then progresses to Lightning Scientific Arnis and then to Cinco Teros and Kasilagan.