Victoria Street

Victoria Street is the name of several streets in various countries:

In Australia:

  • Victoria Street, Kings Cross
  • Victoria Street railway station, New South Wales
  • Victoria Street, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Victoria Street railway station, Perth, Western Australia

In Canada:

  • Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario

In Singapore:

  • Victoria Street, Singapore

In the United Kingdom:

  • Victoria Street, Liverpool, England
  • Victoria Street, London, England
  • Victoria Street, Bristol, England
  • Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

In the United States:

  • Victoria Street, Carson, California

Victoria Street is also the informal name for the Home Depot Center's soccer-specific stadium.

In fiction:

  • Victoria Street is one of several adjacent streets connecting to Coronation Street on the television series of the same name.

Famous quotes containing the words victoria and/or street:

    The men who are grandfathers should be the fathers. Grandpas get to do it right with their grandchildren.
    —Anonymous Grandparent. As quoted in Women and Their Fathers, by Victoria Secunda, ch. 2 (1992)

    There was an Old Man who supposed,
    That the street door was partially closed;
    Edward Lear (1812–1888)