Vf or VF may stand for:

In companies, organizations, groups:

  • VF Corporation, a clothing company
  • Valuair, an airline based in Singapore, IATA code VF
  • Vodafone, a UK-based mobile/cell phone network
  • Vaterländische Front, a former Austrian political party

In titles:

  • Vicar Forane, also see Archpriest

In science:

  • Voice Frequency (300–3000 Hz)
  • Velocity final in Physics (acceleration formula)

In medicine:

  • Ventricular fibrillation, a cardiac arrhythmia
  • Virological failure

In mathematics:

  • Vector Field

In vehicle and machine designations:

  • Squadron (aviation) designation used by the United States Navy to indicate a fighter squadron or individual fighter plane
  • Designation for the variable fighters in the Macross series
  • Designation for the Veritech fighters in Robotech, which derived its designation from Macross

In games:

  • Virtua Fighter, a series of fighting games by Sega