Ver or VER may refer to:

  • Vestibulo emotional reflex
  • Voluntary Export Restraints, in international trade
  • VER, the IATA airport code for General Heriberto Jara International Airport
  • Volk's Electric Railway
  • VerPublishing, an imprint of the German group VDM Publishing devoted to the reproduction of Wikipedia content
  • Voluntary Emissions Reduction
  • Verified Emission Reduction
  • Ver (command), a shell command
  • an abbreviation for "versine"
  • an abbreviation for "version"
  • places in France:
    • Ver, Manche, in the Manche département
    • Ver-lès-Chartres, in the Eure-et-Loir département
    • Ver-sur-Launette, in the Oise département
    • Ver-sur-Mer, in the Calvados département
  • River Ver, in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
  • Ver, Belgium, a small village in the municipality of Houyet, Belgium