Vala can refer to:

  • Vala, a Rajput clan found in Gujarat in India
  • Asad Vala (born 1987), Papua New Guinean cricketer
  • Jorge Vala, Portuguese academic
  • Lobat Vala (born 1930), Iranian poet and activist
  • Numonius Vala, a Roman family name, or any of the men of that name
  • Vaju Vala, Indian politician
  • Vajubhai Vala, Indian politician
  • Vala (Middle-earth), an angelic being in J. R. R. Tolkien's fiction
  • Vala Mal Doran, a fictional character in the Canadian-American television series Stargate SG-1
  • Vala, or The Four Zoas, a poem by William Blake
Religion and mythology
  • Vala (Vedic), a demon or a stone cavern in the Hindu scriptures
  • Völva, a priestess in Norse mythology and Norse paganism
  • Veles (god), a similar demon in Slavic mythology.
Science and technology
  • 131 Vala, an asteroid discovered in 1873 named after a prophetess in Norse mythology (Völva)
  • VALA, Libraries, Technology and the Future Inc., an Australian not-for-profit organisation
  • Vala GSM, a mobile operator in Kosovo
  • Vala (programming language), a programming language targeting GNOME's object system