USS Western World (1856) - Setting Fire To Plantations and Carrying Away Escaped Slaves

Setting Fire To Plantations and Carrying Away Escaped Slaves

On 25 June 1862, Western World, Andrew, and E. B. Hale entered the North Santee River, South Carolina, intending to destroy an important railroad bridge inland. En route, parties from the warships set fire to several plantations and took over 400 slaves on board the steamers. During an expedition in Winyah Bay, South Carolina, Western World captured the British schooner Volante on 2 July. However, intense shore fire and the sharp, unnavigable bends of the river prompted Comdr. Prentiss to abandon the expedition the following day. On the 25th, Western World sailed for Port Royal carrying contraband. However, she soon left the squadron base for blockade duty off Doboy Sound, Georgia, which occupied the ship until the end of October when she sailed north to the New York Navy Yard for extensive overhaul.

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