USS Manley (DD-940) - Fate


From April 3 to May 3, she conducted FEDEX operations in and around Puerto Rico. On June 8, 1982, the USS Manley departed for what was to be her last cruise. She visited all of the Med ports, assisted in evacuation of civilians from Beirut, Lebanon during terrorist activities, and transited the Indian Ocean arriving after fifty days at sea in Karachi, Pakistan. From October 16 until November 24, she joined in MidEastFor exercises. At long last, the Lady headed home arriving on December 22 in Newport to commence decommissioning. On March 4, 1983, the USS Manley (DD-940) was struck for the Navy's active rolls.

When the Fore River Shipyard went bankrupt in the early nineties she was resold to N. R. Acquisition Incorporated of New York City by the Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court and scrapped by Wilmington Resources of Wilmington in North Carolina.

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