Uprety / Upreti (देवनागरी:उप्रेती), are a community of Brahmins living in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state of India. A few are also found in Agra District of Uttar Pradesh. According to their traditions, they are the descendents of the sage Bharadwaj.

According to Pandit Badri Datt Pandey's legendary book History of Kumaon, the Upretis were originally inhabitants of Maharashtra region of western India, or from Kannauj from where they migrated to the hills as a result of the Islamic invasion in the twelfth century AD. They migrated to Nepal along with other Brahmins from Almora under the royal patronage of the Hindu kingdom when the Kumaon region was under the control of the Gurkhas till the early 19th Century.

Notable Upretis:

Nitin Upreti: Successful businessman and entrepreneur from Northern India. Visionary leader of the Upreti clan.

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