Universidad de Guanajuato - Academic Structure

Academic Structure

Campus Celaya-Salvatierra

  1. Division of Health Sciences and Engineering
  2. Division of Social and Administrative Sciences

Campus Guanajuato

  1. Division of Architecture, Art and Design
  2. Division of Economic-Administrative Sciences
  3. Division of Natural and Exact Sciences
  4. Division of Social Sciences and Humanities
  5. Division of Law, Politics and Government
  6. Division of Engineering

Campus Irapuato-Salamanca

  1. Division of Life Sciences
  2. Division of Engineering

Campus León

  1. Division of Sciences and Engineering
  2. Division of Health Sciences
  3. Division of Social Sciences and Humanities

High School System

  1. Escuela Preparatoria de Celaya
  2. Escuela Preparatoria de San Luis de la Paz
  3. Escuela Preparatoria de León
  4. Escuela Preparatoria de Guanajuato
  5. Escuela Preparatoria de Irapuato
  6. Escuela Preparatoria de Salvatierra
  7. Escuala Preparatoria de Salamanca

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