Una and UNA may refer to:

In geography:

  • Una River (disambiguation), numerous rivers
  • Una District, in Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Una, Himachal Pradesh, a town in India
  • Una, Gujarat, a town in India
  • Una, California, an unincorporated community in the United States
  • Una, Mississippi, an unincorporated community in the United States
  • Una, neighborhood of Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Una, Bahia, a town in Brazil

In literature:

  • Una, a love novel by Momo Kapor (1981)
  • Una, a character in The Faerie Queene
  • Una, one codename of the DC Comics superheroine Luornu Durgo
  • Una (Stardust), a character in Stardust by Neil Gaiman

In music:

  • Una Healy (born 1981), Irish singer and member of The Saturdays
  • UNA (band)
  • "Una" (song) a song by Sponge Cola

In biology:

  • Una (genus), a genus of butterflies
  • Una virus, an arbovirus widely distributed in South America

In chemistry:

  • Unlocked Nucleic Acid (UNA), a flexible nucleic acid analogue often used for modified siRNA also termed usiRNA.

In other fields:

  • Úna, wife of Finnbheara, king of the fairies in Irish Mythology
  • 160 Una, an asteroid named after the Faerie Queene character
  • Una (prefix)-, a purported SI prefix
  • Una (doll), a Japanese doll
  • Saint Hunna (Una)
  • One (feminine form of un/uno in the Spanish language and in the Italian language)
  • UNA.ac - The Universal Network for Academics

UNA may refer to:

  • National University of Asunción, Paraguay's oldest and biggest university
  • United Nations Association
  • United Nurses Association
  • Union of North America
  • Ukrainian People's Army, the military of a short lived Ukrainian Republic, often called UNA
  • Ukrainian National Army, a formation in the Wehrmacht
  • Ukrainian National Association
  • United Nationalist Alliance, a political alliance in the Philippines
  • University Neighbourhood Association
  • University of North Alabama
  • University of the Netherlands Antilles
  • Untergruppe Nachrichtendienst und Abwehr
  • Unique name assumption
  • U.N.A., a techno dance project (1992 single 'Emotion' and 1993 single 'Can U Hear Me?')
  • UNA, a real-time collaborative development environment for software engineers
  • UNA (Untergruppe Nachrichtendienst und Abwehr), the former name of the Swiss Military Intelligence Service
  • UNA - United Native Americans, Inc.