.uk - Second-level Domains

Second-level Domains

  • .ac.uk - academic (tertiary education, further education colleges and research establishments) and learned societies
  • .co.uk - general use (usually commercial)
  • .gov.uk - government (central and local)
  • .judiciary.uk - courts (to be introduced in the near future)
  • .ltd.uk - limited companies
  • .me.uk - general use (usually personal)
  • .mod.uk - Ministry of Defence and HM Forces public sites
  • .net.uk - ISPs and network companies (unlike .net, use is restricted to these users)
  • .nhs.uk - National Health Service institutions
  • .nic.uk - network use only (Nominet UK)
  • .org.uk - general use (usually for non-profit organisations)
  • .parliament.uk - parliamentary use (only for the UK Parliament and the Scottish Parliament)
  • .plc.uk - public limited companies
  • .police.uk - police forces
  • .sch.uk - Local Education Authorities, schools, primary and secondary education, community education

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