UCB may stand for:


  • The University of California, Berkeley, United States
  • The University of Colorado at Boulder, United States
  • University College of Bahrain, Saar, Bahrain
  • University College Birmingham, England, UK
  • Bayamon Central University (Universidad Central de Bayamón), a private Catholic university in Puerto Rico
  • Bangor University (formerly University College, Bangor), Wales, UK
  • The University College of Bangor, a campus of the University of Maine at Augusta, Maine, USA
  • Environment Campus Birkenfeld (Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld), a branch of Fachhochschule Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Other uses:

  • UCB (Unión de Colegios Bilingües), an school association in Bogota, Colombia
  • UCB (company), a global biopharmaceutical manufacturer
  • The United Christian Broadcasters, an international broadcasting organisation
  • “United Colors of Benetton”, the Benetton clothing company's advertising by-line
  • The Upright Citizens Brigade, a US comedy group
  • A Unit Control Block, in computing, an area of memory in IBM's z/OS
  • Union Commercial Bank, former name of Mauritius Commercial Bank (Madagascar)
  • Uganda Commercial Bank, a commercial bank in Uganda owned by the Uganda Government. Sold to Standard Bank in 2002 to form Stanbic Bank (Uganda) Limited
  • United Carolina Bank, a bank based in Whiteville, North Carolina, USA until a takeover by BB&T in 1997
  • Unconjugated Bilirubin, in clinical biochemistry, the yellow breakdown product of normal heme catabolism.