Type 96 15 Cm Howitzer - Combat Record

Combat Record

The Type 96 15 cm howitzer was first used in combat in the Second Sino-Japanese War and was highly praised by its users. It was also used at the Nomonhan Incident in the Soviet-Japanese Border Wars.

After the start of the Pacific War, it was assigned to Japanese units at the Battle of Bataan and Battle of Corregidor in the Philippines, as well as at the Battle of Guadalcanal. Many units were at the Battle of Okinawa. It continued to be used as the main howitzer of Japanese artillery units until the end of World War II.

A surviving example is preserved at the Yushukan Museum at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. An additional example (complete with gun shield but without the breech block) is in a parking lot in Bellevue, Washington, just east of 124th Ave. NE on the Bel-Red Road.

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