Tuning can refer to:

  • Musical tuning, musical systems of tuning, and the act of tuning an instrument or voice
    • Guitar tunings
    • Piano tuning, adjusting the pitch of pianos using a tuning fork or a frequency counter
  • Radio tuning
  • The process of tuning a tuned filter
  • Performance tuning - the optimization of systems, especially computer systems, may include:
    • Computer hardware tuning
    • Database tuning
  • Car tuning, an industry and hobby involving modifying automobile engines to improve their performance
    • Engine tuning, the adjustment, modification, or design of internal combustion engines to yield more performance
  • Neuronal tuning, the property of brain cells to selectively represent a particular kind of sensory, motor or cognitive information
  • Self-tuning
  • "Tuning", a song by Avail from their 1994 album Dixie
  • Tuning, a psychokinetic ability in the 1998 film Dark City