Trim Package

A trim package (sometimes called an appearance package) is an automotive package composed by a set of cosmetic (mostly non-functional) embellishments to a vehicle. In some cases the trim package may include a specific model or ending name. Such packages may be characterized by the use of a famous fashion designer's name, including examples as the Pierre Cardin AMC Javelin, the Oleg Cassini AMC Matador, or the Lincoln Continental in Givenchy or Bill Blass versions.

Typical elements that may be included in a trim package include:

  • Special paint, some with the appearance of pearl, others showing color variations depending upon light angle
  • Paint patterns using multiple colors—two-tone or three-tone (out of current favor)
  • Aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel trim to divide paint regions (out of current favor)
  • Applied graphics on printed plastic sheeting with adhesive backing
  • Pin striping, usually applied as a dealer add-on using special plastic tape and a removable backing
  • Plastic bumpers painted the same color as the vehicle body, rather than a matte black (now mostly included in the base level vehicle)
  • Plastic rub strips to reduce paint and metalwork damage from adjacent car doors that are carelessly opened
  • Interior upholstery materials specific to the package; leather in whole or part is often used in high-end trim packages
  • Wood-patterned plastic or applied surfaces in the interior or exterior; applied surfaces are out of current favor as they require careful design and application and lack translucency
  • Genuine wood trim, rare but used in some high-end applications
  • Exterior vinyl roof covers, simulating the appearance of a convertible (out of current favor)
  • Padded plastic top additions to simulate a removable top portion—a landau top (out of current favor)

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