Tri may refer to:

  • An intern specializing in Float and Share research.
  • tri-, a numerical prefix meaning three
  • El Tri or El Tricolor, are the nickname of the Mexico national football team.
  • El Tri, Mexican rock group
  • Tri (card game), two or three-player matching card game
  • Tri (novel), a Slovenian novel
  • Tri (Ana Stanić album)
  • Transport Research Institute, in Scotland
  • Triangular function, tri(t)
  • Tri-Cities Regional Airport which uses IATA code TRI
  • Triangulum, a constellation (standard astronomical abbreviation)
  • Toxics Release Inventory, a program to report the amount of toxic wastes in the United States
  • Tri (Tibetan Buddhism) instructions on how practice tantra in Tibetan Buddhism