Tri Nations

Tri Nations may refer to:

In Rugby union
  • Tri Nations (rugby union), the former name of The Rugby Championship a competition featuring Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
  • Pacific Tri-Nations, the series between Fiji, Samoa and Tonga
In Rugby league
  • Rugby League Tri-Nations, a competition featuring Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain
  • Central Europe Development Tri-nations, the series between Germany, Austria and Estonia
In other sports
  • Any tournament featuring 3 national representative teams, for example in Netball.

Famous quotes containing the word nations:

    I’ve noticed that the children of other nations always seem precocious. That’s because the strange manners of their elders have caught our attention most and the children echo those manners enough to seem like their parents.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940)