Transport Scotland - Organisation


As of September 2010 Transport Scotland merged with Transport Directorate of core Scottish Government. They continue to be called Transport Scotland although they now have responsibility for all transport related issues across Scotland.

The agency currently has seven directorates.

  • Aviation, Maritime, Freight and Canals
  • Transport Policy Directorate
  • Transport Scotland Business Improvement and Corporate Services
  • Transport Scotland Finance and Analytical Services
  • Transport Scotland Major Transport Infrastructure Projects
  • Transport Scotland Rail Directorate
  • Transport Scotland Trunk Road and Bus Operations

Transport Scotland works in partnership with private sector transport operators, local authorities and government. It also works closely with the four current voluntary regional transport partnerships (RTPs). The Scottish Government is bringing forward legislation for the creation of statutory RTPs which will be able to take a strategic view of the transport needs of people and businesses in each region.

Transport Scotland are also responsible for managing Traffic Scotland.

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