Tract may refer to:

  • Land lot, a section of land
  • Census tract, a geographic region defined for the purpose of taking a census
  • Tract (literature), a short written work, usually of a political or religious nature
  • Tract (liturgy), a component of Roman Catholic liturgy
  • Neural tract, a bundle of fibers that connects different parts of the central nervous system - analogous to a nerve in the peripheral nervous system
  • A collection of related anatomic structures, such as:
    • Gastrointestinal tract
    • Genitourinary tract
    • Reproductive tract
    • A grouping of feathers, e.g. primaries, auriculars, scapulars

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Famous quotes containing the word tract:

    My only companions were the mice, which came to pick up the crumbs that had been left in those scraps of paper; still, as everywhere, pensioners on man, and not unwisely improving this elevated tract for their habitation. They nibbled what was for them; I nibbled what was for me.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Mr. Bok is giving the bird sanctuary as a tract of land at this place. He is dedicating it as a bird sanctuary and putting up these bells to interest the birds in music.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    Every living language, like the perspiring bodies of living creatures, is in perpetual motion and alteration; some words go off, and become obsolete; others are taken in, and by degrees grow into common use; or the same word is inverted to a new sense or notion, which in tract of time makes an observable change in the air and features of a language, as age makes in the lines and mien of a face.
    Richard Bentley (1662–1742)