Tract may refer to:

  • Land lot, a section of land
  • Census tract, a geographic region defined for the purpose of taking a census
  • Tract (literature), a short written work, usually of a political or religious nature
  • Tract (liturgy), a component of Roman Catholic liturgy
  • Neural tract, a bundle of fibers that connects different parts of the central nervous system - analogous to a nerve in the peripheral nervous system
  • A collection of related anatomic structures, such as:
    • Gastrointestinal tract
    • Genitourinary tract
    • Reproductive tract
    • A grouping of feathers, e.g. primaries, auriculars, scapulars

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Famous quotes containing the word tract:

    If a theme or idea is too near the surface, the novel becomes simply a tract illustrating an idea.
    Elizabeth Bowen (1899–1973)

    Mr. Bok is giving the bird sanctuary as a tract of land at this place. He is dedicating it as a bird sanctuary and putting up these bells to interest the birds in music.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    When the State wishes to endow an academy or university, it grants it a tract of forest land: one saw represents an academy, a gang, a university.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)