People with the given name Tomasz:

  • Tomasz Adamek (born 1976), Polish heavyweight boxer
  • Tomasz Arciszewski (1877–1955), Polish socialist politician and Prime Minister of the Polish government-in-exile in London (1944–1947)
  • Tomasz Bajerski (born 1975), Polish motorcycle speedway rider who won the Team Polish Champion title in 2001
  • Tomasz Bednarek (born 1981), Polish tennis player
  • Tomasz Beksiński (1958–1999), Polish radio presenter, music journalist and movie translator
  • Tomasz Chrzanowski (born 1980), Polish motorcycle speedway rider who has been a member of the Polish national team
  • Tomasz Frankowski (born 1974), Polish footballer (senior career from 1991)
  • Tomasz Gapiński (born 1982), Polish international motorcycle speedway rider who has won Team Polish Champion titles in 1999 and 2006
  • Tomasz Gollob (born 1971), Polish motorcycle speedway rider who has appeared in every Speedway Grand Prix series since the inaugural 1995 season
  • Tomasz Górski (canoeist), Polish sprint canoer who won a bronze medal in the K-2 1000 m event at the 2006 Szeged World Championships
  • Tomasz Górski (politician) (born 1973), Polish politician
  • Tomasz Jędrzejak (born 1979), Polish motorcycle speedway rider who is a member of Poland national speedway team
  • Tomasz Kasprzik (born 1993), Polish footballer (senior career from 2009)
  • Tomasz Kuszczak (born 1982), Polish footballer (senior career from 2000)
  • Tomasz Lipiec (born 1971), Polish race walker and former Minister of Sport
  • Tomasz Majewski (born 1981), Polish Olympic gold medalist in the shot put event
  • Tomasz Narkun, Polish mixed martial arts fighter
  • Tomasz Radziński (born 1973), Polish Canadian footballer (senior career from 1990)
  • Tomasz Sikora (born 1973), Polish Winter Olympics silver medallist and World and European Championship gold medallist in the biathlon
  • Tomasz Stańko (born 1942), Polish musician and composer
  • Tomasz Strzembosz (1930–2004), Polish historian and writer who specialized in the history of Poland during World War II
  • Tomasz Wylenzek (born 1983), Polish-born German Olympic and World Champion gold medallist in sprint canoe events
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