Tito 6

Tito 6

Interscope Records2003-2006

SoSay International2000-Present

Troy Garland, better known by his stage name Tito-6, is rapper/producer and Chairman and CEO of SoSay International. Born and raise in Flint, MI on March 28, he grew up in an impoverished neighborhood known as the “Pierson Hood”. The youngest of five children to Motown songwriter/ music producer Regional Garland and his wife Gloria, the budding artist flourished in a household full of musicians and singers which sparked his interest in numerous genres of music. At a young age, Troy discovered his love for music and ability to create it as he and his father spent time learning to play instruments and write music.

At the age of seven, Troy’s parents divorced and without a positive male influence in the home, he started to become intrigued by the streets. By age 14, like many around him, he succumbed to trafficking and distributing illegal substances. In hopes of saving her son's life, Troy’s mother began to send him away for periods of time to Long Island to visit family.

It was during these trips that Troy fell in love with Hip-Hop and with the help of his oldest brother, he began to write his first rhymes. But even with a natural talent for sophisticated wordplay and rhyme schemes, he did not forgo his “Tony Montana” aspirations and continued to get more involved in the drug game.

While engaging in his illegal activities, Troy still found time to connect with his father to produce and record his first demo which found its way to legendary Hip-Hop artist Rakim. On one of Troy’s many trips to New York, he was asked to perform for Rakim and from there, he was introduced to many prominent people like Janard Smalls (who would later become his manager and place him on an NBC sitcom pilot that never aired) and Marianne Giannio who often asked Troy to perform at her many A-list parties.

After the disappointment of the failed sitcom and meetings, Troy returned to Flint and the street life. Upon his return, he was introduced to Booming Records recording studio where he executive produced and recorded his first studio album at just 17 years of age. Although the album had a moderate street buzz due to Troy selling his CD's out the back of his car and help from mom & pops stores, he lacked maturity and originality, often trying to emulate the artists that were out at the current moment.

It was then when MI-based rap duo Skanbino Mob (Ready Ace and Bone Skanless) took Troy under their wing along with local deejay, DJ Hollywood. Troy received a lot of business savvy advice from his three mentors and also was given the opportunity to regularly perform with DJ Hollywood during his shows. During this time, he continued to record and after a meeting with legendary jazz musician Bernard Terry and vocalist Michelle Shaw, Troy landed his first recording contract.

The album, Downtown Tito-6, featured some of Michigan's elite artists including the late-great Proof of D12 and DJ Salam Wreck who introduced him to Eminem's right-hand man. In fact, the same night Troy met Proof, he was also introduced to (and performed for) Eminem. After the performance, Troy was introduced to Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records, attorney Bob Celestin, manager Jeff Ruffin, and distributor Jamie Galgano; all powerful figures in the music industry.

At this time, Troy became content with the idea that he finally got a record deal and became lackadaisical. He recorded nonstop but often missed shows and tour dates. His time was divided between the streets and the studio in which his music began to suffer as well as his musical endeavors with Interscope Records. It wasn't until Troy met Rocafella recording artist Freeway and was inspired to continue his musical conquest. Troy began to record songs with many of Rocafella's artists in hopes of signing a record deal with the label. Unfortunately, due to problems at Rocafella and the pending label break-up, Troy was not offered the record deal he had been hoping for.

In 2008, Troy's properties were raided by law officials and he was put under federal investigation for illegal activities along with a series of other charges involving his business endeavors. He also began to experience a distance between his friends and family as many of them felt as if they deserved to be supported by the financial gains that Troy was receiving due to his work in the record industry.

In 2009, Troy released the intimate album, Behind Closed Doors, that explored his personal experience in those times, good and bad. This is also the year that he decided to move out of Michigan in hopes to focus more on his career and music.

In 2011 with a new outlook on life and a polished style, Troy is proud to present his original brand of music to the masses that's sure to tell his story while inspiring those with a dream and determination. Through his trials and tribulations, Troy has learned that on the road to life, no matter how many speed-bumps, wrong ways, and roadblocks there are; reaching your ideal destination makes the ride well worth it.

In 2012,Best of Tito 6 Mixtape Hosted By Dj Rockstar Jc Flores(SoSay Entertainment/Shadyville/G-Unit) was releases. Yet another album will be set to release in late 2012.

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