The Voyage of The Space Beagle

The Voyage of the Space Beagle (1950) is a classic novel of science fiction by A. E. van Vogt in the space opera subgenre.

The novel is a "fix-up" compilation of four previously published SF stories:

  • "Black Destroyer" (cover story of the July, 1939, issue of Astounding magazine—the first published SF by A. E. van Vogt) (chapters 1 to 6)
  • "War of Nerves" (May, 1950, Other Worlds magazine) (chapters 9 to 12)
  • "Discord in Scarlet" (cover story of the December, 1939, issue of Astounding magazine—the second published SF by A. E. van Vogt) (chapters 13 to 21)
  • "M33 in Andromeda" (August, 1943, Astounding magazine, later published as a story in the book M33 in Andromeda (1971)) (chapters 22 to 28)

The book was republished in 1952 under the title Mission: Interplanetary.

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