The Power of One (film) - Cast


  • Guy Witcher as PK at age 7
  • Simon Fenton as PK at age 12
  • Stephen Dorff as PK at age 18
  • Armin Mueller-Stahl as Doc
  • John Gielgud as St. John, the Headmaster
  • Fay Masterson as Maria Marais
  • Morgan Freeman as Geel Piet
  • Daniel Craig as Sgt. Jaapie Botha, the main antagonist
  • Robbie Bulloch as the teenage Botha
  • Dominic Walker as Morrie Gilbert
  • Alois Moyo as Gideon Duma
  • Marius Weyers as Professor Daniel Marais
  • Clive Russell as Sgt. Bormann
  • Nomadlozi Kubheka as Nanny

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