The IHOP Papers - Characters


Francesca: The story's protagonist, Francesca is a twenty-year-old lesbian who falls in love with her female philosophy professor and moves to San Francisco to be with her.

Irene: A woman in her late-twenties who works as a philosophy professor at a junior college in Southern California, Irene takes a sabbatical to San Francisco, where she lives with two of her former students (and current lovers).

Jenny: A lesbian around the same age as Francesca, Jenny lives with Irene as one of her two lovers when the story begins.

Gustavo: Gustavo is another one of Irene's former students, and one of her two current lovers.

Maria: Maria is Francesca's Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, whom Francesca also falls in love with.

Tom and Theresa: Tom and Theresa are Francesca's parents. Theresa constantly worries about her.

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