The Future Is Wild

The Future Is Wild (often shortened to F.I.W.) was a 2002 thirteen-part documentary television miniseries. Based on research and interviews with several scientists, the miniseries shows how life could evolve in the future if Homo sapiens left the earth. The version broadcast on the Discovery Channel modified this premise, supposing instead that the human race had completely abandoned the Earth and had sent back probes to examine the progress of life on the planet. The show took the form of a nature documentary.

The miniseries was released with a companion book written by geologist Dougal Dixon, the author of several "anthropologies and zoologies of the future" (such as After Man: A Zoology of the Future), in conjunction with natural history television producer John Adams. For a time in 2005, a theme park based on this program was opened in Japan. In 2008 a special on the Discovery Channel about the development of the video game Spore was combined with airings of The Future Is Wild.

A film version of the series was picked up by Warner Bros.

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