Thamuz is a fictional character and the master of tortures in Hell who has taken it upon himself to discover the secrets that Al Simmons has hidden within his soul. After his defeat by The Disciple, Simmons found himself a prisoner of Thamuz in Hell. When he couldn't discern Spawn's secrets, the demon threatened to rip his soul apart to get them. But Spawn returned to Gazer and managed to escape the Grand Inquisitor's clutches...for now. Al Simmons is the only subject he has failed to break. For this failure, Mammon took it upon himself to torture the Master of Tortures.

Upon Satan's return to Hell, he was saved by his master from Mammon's grasp and Thamuz was primed to unleash his wrath upon Mammon. Mammon's quick decision to use the San Andreas fault to bolster Satan's forces bought him a reprieve.

Thamuz appears to have the power to tap into the greatest fears of his victims and use his magic to place a glamour spell over other beings. He did this to Spawn by making low-level demons appear to him as though they were his entire Rogues gallery. Being a high-level demon he would seemingly have significant strength and defensive capabilities.

During Armageddon, Spawn punched Thamuz's face off. It is unclear whether this resulted in his death.

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